Sunday, July 31, 2016

"Again?... A Sunday Morning's Rude Awakening."

An unwelcome text came in from our friend in Maryland early this morning with news and video of the overnight flooding in Ellicott City. Readers of this blog know that this has been a habitual problem for the area and it is what ultimately rendered the Old Main Line all but obsolete. 
The National Weather Service reported that more than six inches of rain fell in less than three hours. More than five inches fell within 90 minutes! It has been deemed, "a thousand year storm." 
The charming downtown is built on the side of a hill and its main street runs from top to bottom, punctuating with a meet at the Patapsco River. Higher hills on each side of Main Street funnel all water run-off onto it. This area, pictured in happier times, suffered significant damage.

Twenty four hours later damage was still being assessed. This stretch of Main Street is considerably higher  than the area adjacent to the Patapsco River. It did not escape harm.

News is still filtering in about the extent of the devastation. Two deaths have been reported so far. Our family is absolutely gutted, having visited this historic place so many times and always enjoying our interaction with the friendly residents and shopkeepers. Prayers!

BTW, for more photos of Ellicott City and its downtown architecture, see my post on selective representation.

UPDATE: August 1, 2016
Buddy David Olesen sent this update from the Washington Post. The videos emphasize the danger and helplessness that powerful, cascading water presents. The damage is such that there is now the very real fear that some of the historic buildings may not survive. EC will never be the same. So heartbreaking.



  1. Jim

    My wife and I spent last Saturday Christmas shopping in Elliot City. While the flood damage (and repairs) are still very evident and very much in progress, , the clear resolve of the residents was very encouraging. They be a tough bunch.

    1. Roger - Apologies on the really belated reply... have you had the opportunity to visit EC lately?... I have not gotten down there, but am curious how it is going.

  2. Just stumbled across your blog. My wife and I used to live in Brooklyn Park MD and Ellicott City and the RR museum was one of our favorite haunts. I bought most of my model railroad supplies back then from either Pro-Custom Hobbies in Ellicott City or MB Klein.

    I still have a 0-4-0 camelback brass loco I bought at Pro Custom Hobbies.

    1. George - Thank you for your interest in this post... major apologies for my hiatus and lack of a reply until now... fortunately, the museum was one of the few buildings not affected by the flooding this time... not many hobby shops around anymore... Moose Caboose in Sykesville shut its door in June!