Thursday, June 11, 2015

"Legs... Really long, lean, beautiful legs!"

Now, now...  calm down. This isn't that kind of site. But a few of the more conscientious readers of this blog emailed me after I referenced the peninsula's legs in a photo of my helix frame. They say that I never really covered that aspect of construction. Apologies, so here goes.

The leg assemblies were based on the struts that supported the around-the-wall bench work and designed to be unobtrusive, but still rock solid. Each assembly utilized a leg and an angled support, but contrary to traditional methods, I reversed the application and placed the angled support in front of the leg to provide greater clearance for wayward feet and to mimic the wall struts.

The photos below should explain things better than my words ever could.

The end of the peninsula is supported with a tripod of sorts as three leg assemblies are tied together with 1" x 4" horizontal bracing which really tightens everything up significantly.

The origin of the leg assembly is evident here when compared to the wall strut at the rear of this photo. The leg assembly supporting the middle of the peninsula is narrower than that at the wider end. Brilliant stuff.

Screw-in adjustable feet do the trick for leveling and help minimize the absorption of any floor moisture. All connections are done with simple sheet rock screws and either painted over, or countersunk considerably.
The 5/4" x 2" struts are anchored into the wall's baseplate through the molding thereby eliminating the need to locate wall studs that are allegedly every 16", but never really are.
I painted the leg assemblies to match the struts and lower walls with the intent to always leave those areas exposed. I am fortunate not to have to store items here, at least for now. I like the clean, uncluttered look and prefer not to have any distractions that will compete with the modeling above.
And anyway, I'm not sure when the timing might be right to hit my wife up for 90' of pleated skirting!
Yay or nay?  Top 10 music video of all-time - ZZ Top's 'She's Got Legs.'

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