Tuesday, May 5, 2015

"Improved?... The final track plan."

It was back to the drawing board, literally, after assessing my earlier track plan which I determined lacked adequate separation between those pesky Layout Design Elements. In consideration of my fondness for the areas that I had researched and planned, I decided to extend the layout into the finished living area with as little intrusion as possible.

I secured preliminary approval from the still-in-office Senior VP of Real Estate Distribution and Utilization with the stipulation that this would be considered 'Phase II.' This construction could not, should not and would not, proceed prior to there being significant progress made in the main layout room first. Fair enough. No complaints here.

While the first three major LDEs remained the same, Davis Siding was moved further west from the end of the peninsula to the area formerly holding Sykesville. The end of the peninsula can now be sceniced with the Eureka Bridge and Davis Tunnel (not drawn) and begin to more accurately represent the distance between Daniels and Sykesville.

The farming community of Sykesville is moved outside of the layout room via Henryton Tunnel. The new area includes a buffered staging 'pit' that does allow for through-running, plus the State Hospital spur which could not be accommodated in the earlier scheme. Entry to the layout is via a flip-up, nod-under archway @ 5'-6".

I'll need a little bit of time to really evaluate this, move some furniture around in the 'man cave' and get a true idea of how viable this is. I would really like to keep Sykesville because it represents a different aesthetic from the other LDEs. The others are all mill towns sitting in the river valley, while Sykesville begins to suggest the rolling hills of central Maryland. Plus, the different consignees offer enhanced operations. We'll see.

But For Thursday, we'll have a track plan that really represents a significant departure... and it's in color and fully rendered. Woooo hoooo! See you then.

Did you know that Cinco de Mayo is not a celebration of Mexican independence, but one of unlikely victory over the French army at the Battle of Puebla in 1862? So...  "Happy Battle of Puebla Day!"
"You're welcome!"

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