Wednesday, November 11, 2015

"Honoring our veterans... a word of thanks!"

A quick word today on Veteran's Day. I can never grasp the horror of combat or even the disruptions to one's personal life while serving in peacetime. But it has never been lost on me that the life my family enjoys is due to the commitment of so many brave souls who always have, and always will, protect our nation.

It seems like the observance of today's holiday has gained some traction this year, but the cynic in me wonders if such promotion is ratings and profit driven. No matter I guess, if it results in greater awareness of our veterans and of the sacrifices each and every one of them have made to maintain our freedom.

What if the proliferation of commemorative camouflage apparel in professional sports reached our hobby? Hmmm... Should the Old Main Line salute our nation's veterans with this one-size-fits-all cap?  I'll check with NFL Properties for a suggested retail price and potential licensing fees, because after all, they are the bastion of  social conscience. 
I'll honor my dad today with a phone call and some small talk about his time on Guam with the Air Force in WWII. His memory is vivid about the old days, including never wearing camouflage, although sadly he can't recall what he had for breakfast, or if he even had breakfast. Be well and enjoy the day.

Is it possible that a not-too-sharp hunting enthusiast misses the point when professional athletes compete in commemorative camo?

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