Wednesday, May 13, 2015

"Dreaming of trains... The jazz version."

While I finagle with track plans, contemplate the relative benefits of single deck vs. multi-deck and digest the much-appreciated thoughts of friends and readers, I do so listening to soft jazz on one of my cable provider's 'Music Choice' stations. In fact, unless I have a ballgame on when I'm downstairs, the flat screen is always tuned to the relaxing instrumental sounds of, among others, The Rippingtons, Acoustic Alchemy, Peter White, Chris Botti, Earl Klugh or David Benoit.

It's particularly relaxing to be at my drawing board, or at my computer or working on the layout to this music. One artist with whom I was not familiar, but who has grown to be a favorite, is guitarist Ken Navarro. Ironically, one of his most popular albums is entitled, Dreaming of Trains. Now that's  kind of a neat coincidence! But there's more.

Released in 2010, the album features the title cut, plus hits like, 'The Stars, The Snow, The Fire,' 'Self Propelled' and 'Shared Air.' The artist's current album is 'Ruby Lane,' with hits as the title cut and 'Running Toward the Sun.' It also contains, "Westbound and Rolling!"

Influenced by the likes of Pat Metheny, Ken was born in Lafayette, Indiana, but it is his current place of residence that makes his inclusion on this unusual entry most appropriate.

Duffy particularly enjoys chilling downstairs to soft jazz, while Stormy, Chief of Security in the mold of Barney Fife, remains upstairs dutifully policing all doors and windows. 

I don't know what the derivation of that album's title is, or whether he has any particular interest in trains. But, according to the bio notes that run on screen during an artist's song, Ken Navarro currently resides in... drum roll please... Ellicott City, MD! I knew I liked this guy. But that's wild. What are the odds?
If you are curious, you can check out selections from all of his albums at his website here. I think you'll enjoy his richly layered tracks and uplifting, soulful melodies. Duffy and I certainly do. See you Friday with our next installment of that day's regular weekly feature.

Did you know that Ken Navarro occasionally performs at Baldwin's, the former B&O depot in Sykesville? I just may need to get there next time. Take a listen...


  1. Hi Jim....I listen to a couple non-MRR podcasts, regularly. And, if I don't have a backlog of podcasts to catch up on, I listen to jazz or rock when I am at the workbench. It depends on how delicate the project I am working on is.