Friday, January 22, 2016

"From the land of pleasant living... Part deux"

While we await the approaching blizzard that our local media has been excitedly forecasting for the past week, I am mixed with childish anticipation for a good snow storm and the more mature nervous anxiety from memories of several power outages during the past few years. Either way, it may be wise to get a new post published while it's still relatively calm here.

This will be short and sweet. My previous post on period ads and brand logos generated considerable emails, so here's a few more.

One can never have enough 'Natty Bo.' A circular sign plastered to the side of a structure always looks neat, and unlike a Coke sign for instance, this brand has local chops.
I'm not too concerned if any image is fuzzy or faded. When reduced and weathered, I suspect they'll be just fine. I like this one due to the inclusion of Baltimore, Maryland.

While I dissed Gunther Beer in my previous post, I actually uncovered quite a bit of their images and will find a way to afford them some equal time on the layout.

Again, I'm not too worried about the fuzziness, but love the Baltimore, MD.

Another circular sign for a general store. But this 'Frostie' may be poorly timed right now.

Somehow I'm not sure come tomorrow whether I'm thinking that 'Frostie' is a good thing. 

That's it for now. Hopefully mother nature will provide only a modest distraction that will yield some hobby time, but we'll see. The basement actually had a minor change in infrastructure this week that will accommodate a new staging arrangement. Photos shortly, followed by some track drawings. Stay warm.

The battle of the Baltimore beer trucks! I may have to go with this one over last week's National Bohemian truck. Opinions anyone?

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