Thursday, April 9, 2015

"A little bit of each... Blood, sweat and tears."

As the summer weather of 2013 took hold, the basement grew warmer and messier. There was no shortage of sweat during some of the heavier work and there were more than a few bumps, cuts and bruises. But somewhere along the way, it dawned on me, "For crying out loud. What if Dave and Ted were pulling my leg! They wouldn't do that, right?... RIGHT?"
Paranoia aside, I was actually progressing well unbeknownst to the two trouble-makers. They had no idea that I had actually embraced their bold suggestion.
Awaiting some final tweaks from the electrician, the framing is complete, including an unusual, but necessary configuration around the lolly column immediately against the entry. The floor still needs some work, but that will be completed after I sheetrock. 
An obligatory sheetrock photo, with floor tile in place, awaiting molding and then priming and painting. The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.
Here's the finished product with the television moved a few feet over. It's OK, but most importantly, it was not a change that would one day come back to haunt us as a detriment to selling our home. It looks logical.
A view from the layout side awaiting final trim work.
A finished view shows a cleaner entry than the original corner one.

Not too exciting, but a part of the project I was not looking forward to and rather pleased how it turned out.

Carpet trimmed out, tile cut and glued awaiting grout, sealing and molding.

"One step back for two forward." That's what I kept reminding myself throughout this process. Once done, I was thrilled and certainly glad that I did it. But then I remembered that there was some work to do closing off the former entry. Oyyy.

We'll look at that project in a few days, but tomorrow is a special treat in our 'Friendly Fridays' segment. See you then.

True or false? The author is thankful that two friends cared enough to offer their honest opinions and is most appreciative of their advice.

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