Thursday, April 30, 2015

"We interrupt our regularly scheduled program..."

... to bring you this commercial message and a Public Service Announcement.

The Garden State Division of the NER/NMRA will be co-hosting its spring meet with the New Jersey Division of the MER/NMRA next Saturday, May 9th at 9 am at the Municipal Building in Hillsborough, NJ. Assorted morning activities include two clinics, a white elephant table, bring and brag session and door prizes. Self-guided tours of some terrific home layouts throughout central New Jersey follow in the afternoon. Plus, there's free donuts!

Come on out if you are anywhere in the vicinity. The exact address is 379 South Branch Road, Hillsborough, New Jersey, very near to Interstates 78 and 287 and highways 22, 202 and 206. Click here for full details and directions.

The very personable Mike Prokop of the NJD will give a lively clinic on the varied uses of LEDs for layout and model lighting, while yours truly will discuss four different applications for styrene as a backdrop material, three of which have been covered on this blog so far. Please say 'hi' if you're a reader here and have some free donuts!

Have you paid your dues this year to the only non-profit, all volunteer organization charged with promoting the ongoing growth of the world's greatest hobby?  Just asking...
Now the Public Service Announcement:

"Scenery is a terrible thing to waste!"  The photo below has been sent to several friends who are wonderfully talented, but who have procrastinated for years at this next step. They want to get to it. Their shelves are full of products from Scenic Express and Woodland Scenics. It just hasn't happened yet, but it will. They really mean it.

Well, as a former business mentor of mine used to say, "One day and some day ain't days of the week!"

The message is a relevant one, for all aspects of living. It's not always an easy one to follow, but it's worth considering, especially for scenery. (Boy, just wait til I get to wiring. Talk about procrastination!).

Hey look...  I've already started scenery on the Old Main Line!... Have you?
Give me a second to get back down off the soapbox here. OK, I'm good.

Tomorrow we'll visit a beautiful layout by a modeler whose research and affection for this New England branch line comes through in every scene he carefully recreates. See you then.

The best reason NOT to be a member of the National Model Railroad Association and NOT to support the hobby is:
A) I don't care if advertisers and media undervalue my participation.
B) A former NMRA official treated me badly once so I have a grudge.
C) The sustainability of the hobby that I love is not my problem.
D) I haven't always agreed with every decision that the NMRA makes.
E) I just can't afford dues because I buy a lot of stuff that I never use.
F) None of the above.


  1. Not to get a holy war started, but I know there are a lot of "E" types out there...for some it seems it is hard to equate dues to actual, tangible benefits, but they are there for those that participate. Like May 9th for example...

  2. Thanks for the PSA, Jim! See you on the 9th.

  3. Mike - You're right... tangible benefits can be hard to quantify for many... for me, I love the hobby and want to see it thrive... so even if it's a leap of faith, NMRA dues are worthwhile... but admittedly, different strokes for different folks... we have enough holy wars these days!... see you on the 9th?

  4. Chuck - See you next week... thanks for what?... I can think of 5-6 guys here in the area that might want to consider that PSA... and you know that I have my own layout demons, too!