Saturday, April 11, 2015

"Not that there's anything wrong with that..."

One of the beauties inherent in our hobby is that it offers participants the opportunity to set priorities and choose areas of emphasis. In short, we decide what's important and what's not. We do what we like to do and try to minimize that which we don't (like electrical!). 

During the last couple of years, several bloggers have utilized a commercial service that manufactures plastic labels which modelers can customize to use as layout identifiers on their fascia. I had looked into this, but after I determined exactly what I needed, I concluded that it was $100 better spent on flex track and commercial turnouts.

I wanted to base my labels on B&O depot signage so I turned to Power Point and tinkered around for awhile exploring different commands and applications. After some trial, but mostly error, I learned how to produce what I wanted in size, shape, font, color, etc. Each measures 1-1/4" x 4-1/2".

I included mileage markers and directional indicators with the station names to avoid having too many labels on the layout fascia. I'll print this sheet out on mid-gloss peel-and-stick paper and cut out each label. I'll experiment with mounting directly to the fascia as well as to  styrene backing to determine what looks best.

Of course the beauty here is that the lads who chose to purchase the commercial labels happen to lay their own track and build their own turnouts, and unlike me, they seem to actually enjoy wiring. Beautiful!

And now if you'll excuse me, I'm being paged by my two very hungry buddies, Stormy and Duffy. Apparently I've lingered too long at the computer. Tomorrow we get back to my peninsula's bullnose backdrop that's been bugging me. See ya.



True or false? The inclusion of two cute dogs into this blog is nothing more than a shameless stunt directed at the female demographic.


  1. I agree, you can get good results with a do-it-yourself approach. Worse case, you can always get the spiffy custom signs later. For my layout, I used simple drawing software. I chose appropriate RR colors and fonts (even finding and downloading a somewhat obscure one for the Lamoille Valley) to help distinguish which RR was in the scene. Once printed, I used some manual laminating sheets from Staples, cut the signs to size and then applied them to the fascia with hidden tape. Worked well!

  2. Hey Mike - Some exploring at Staples is definitely on my list of things to do... have to find the best way to go via plastic sleeves, lamination, etc. ... I can't recall seeing your labels when I visited your open house about two years ago... maybe my memory or were they not done yet?... BTW, I asked a question about your staging recently on the RRL Forum... take a look... thanks - Jim