Thursday, April 23, 2015

"Onward and upward... Risers and sub-roadbed."

Now that all issues regarding the changed layout entry were resolved, my bench work and backdrop were ready to welcome risers and sub-roadbed to their humble abode. The construction technique would be pretty traditional, but the materials not as much.

About one hundred 6" long risers were cut in mass fashion and installed two per cross member. They will hold 1" thick Gator Board in lieu of the traditional 3/4" plywood or 2" rigid foam. Gator Board is extremely rigid, impervious to moisture and does not expand, contract or warp. It can be cut with traditional power tools, a hand saw or a utility knife. It is not cheap by any means, but I lucked into some 4' x 8' sheets from a going-out-of-business sign maker. The sheets are incredibly light and very manageable to transport and maneuver.

The 1" thick Gator Board lays on top of the risers, projecting another 3" above the bench work. Rail height will be just about  50" above the floor.

The 8" lengths of 1" x 2" spaced about every 16" are to accept  removable fascia. Plastic 3/8" cable clamps were installed on the back of these supports to hold bus wires and make all electrical as easily accessed as possible.

The Gator Board will be glued to the risers using Liquid Nails. Unlike rigid foam, the outer layer protects the board from melting. Land contours will be achieved by 'hacking and stacking.' Some rigid foam, as well as floral foam, will supplement the scenery efforts.
Ted Pamperin reports great success with his use of 3/4" Gator Board, so I should be fine. One note. Like rigid foam this product does not hold nails or screws, so Ted simply glues 1/4" ply wherever a surface is needed with some holding power for switch machines and the like.

That's it for today. A quick one. But tomorrow we have another installment of everybody's favorite, 'Friendly Fridays,' and an account of inspiration and intimidation all at once. Bye.
True or false?  A female member of the household thinks it would be cute to photograph Stormy and Duffy wearing 'train hats.' Stormy and Duffy say they will do so, but only if  puppy treats are involved.


  1. Interesting idea, using Gatorboard. I'm beyond the benchwork stage (at least, on my current layout), but I look forward to learning about how this works out for you.
    - Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64)

  2. So am I!... BTW, great traffic coming from 'The Model Railway Show'... not sure whether that's your blog or your podcast... but thanks either way!